Lisette worked for the Illinois Department of Human Services and WIC as a Family Case Manager for nearly 5 years where she helped struggling families lacking quality resources. Lisette also developed and lead an internship program for the department and cultivated a strong relationship with the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Liberal Arts.

Lisette’s work in the community lead her to receive the Department of Criminal Law and Justice Award for Public Service from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2010. She has been a true inspiration to many youth in both the Little Village community and other areas of the city.

Lisette’s heart is deeply embedded in the community’s youth. Quality afterschool programming is typically only available to excelling students and not to our everyday students. Because of this, Lisette co-founded Imago Dei (Image of God), a youth violence prevention program that used arts and faith as tools for healing. Her organization began targeting areas in Little Village that gangs frequented and painted over graffiti covered walls with lively murals which promoted hope and love throughout the community. Lisette’s program took off and reached 300+ youth in as little as 4 years. In fact, many murals in Little Village today are a result of Imago Dei.

In her community, Lisette continues to march with mothers who have lost children to violence, continues to advocate for at risk youth, leads drives to help the homeless population, and hosts community socials that target seniors. Her goal is to advocate for the deterrence of neighborhood crime, help small businesses remain and thrive in the community, improve the quality of our schools, and bring healthcare services to residents. The 22nd Ward needs a warrior who truly understands the issues families in our community face on a daily basis.

Currently, Lisette is a leading Outreach Director for Oak Street Health – a primary care clinic serving older adults with Medicare. She works with community organizations, public agencies and fellow healthcare providers. Lisette also served on the committee that planned the development of a new Oak Street clinic in Little Village which is set to open in the fall of 2018. Her input on this project was very close and dear to her heart as Oak Street Health will provide improved services for older adults in the surrounding area.

Lisette has been a resident of the 22nd Ward for 32 years. She attended Joseph E. Gary Elementary which is now her daughter’s school. At age 21, she became a single mother and despite the difficulties that come with being a sole provider, she pursued her education at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she earned BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology. In 2017, Lisette’s marriage of 3 years ended due to domestic violence but she has not allowed personal difficulties to stop her from pursuing a career and work in the community – instead Lisette used her misfortunes and pain to empower other women.

Lisette continues to live in Little Village with her daughter, parents, and rescue dog, Molly. Aside from spending her time working in the community, she enjoys donating her time at the Animal Care League which is where she adopted Molly. Lisette is seeking to become the new 22nd Ward Alderman, City of Chicago. She has received support from various community leaders and 22nd Ward residents. Lisette will be the candidate to give the community the voice they deserve. She will fight to improve a system that does not reflect the hard working people, and bring a new innovative strategy to improve the lives of its residents.